President Obama is in Cuba and we're right behind him!

We're hosting two online seminars on travel to Cuba. Join us on Monday, April 4th or Wednesday, April 6th. Find out more information here

Here are a some things that President Obama will remember about Cuba: 

"I'll remember the beauty of Cuba and the pride Cubans take in their culture."

"I'll remember the innovative spirit of Cuba's entrepreneurs, especially the cuentapropistas who are running their own small businesses like bed and breakfasts, beauty parlors, barber shops and taxi services."

"I'll remember the courage of the Cuban human rights advocates I met, many of whom have been harassed, detained or imprisoned simply for standing up for the equal rights and dignity of every Cuban."

"I'll remember the passion of the Cuban people, especially when it comes to our shared love of baseball—la pelota. At Havana's ballpark, President Castro and I watched as the Tampa Bay Rays took on the Cuban national team, the first professional baseball game between our countries in 17 years."

What will you remember after you've visited Cuba? We look forward to having you join us! 


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