Global Incite, LLC

Global Incite, LLC provides opportunities for student and adult groups to participate in experiential learning and service activities. We strive to promote awareness and positive progression in the U.S and abroad through enriching experiences and global travel with a purpose!

Our team works diligently to build bridges by connecting cultures, communities and systems throughout the world. We are based in Washington, DC - our mission is global. 

We conduct student and professional group trips originating from the U.S. to countries in Africa, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Asia.  We learn of authentic cultural practices and moving historical accounts, while also visiting pristine natural sites and participating in exciting outdoor activities. We find that during our travels and quests to learn we inherently discover more about ourselves.

We work with communities to create sustainable projects that help citizens become more equipped to support themselves and less dependent on outside aid. We focus on social, environmental and economic sustainability; health and food security. We work to fulfill our mission with the understanding that sustainability requires far more than giving and as a result we are sharing ideas, practices and building partnerships in an effort to ensure strong, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Global Incite provides opportunities for professionals and student groups to participate in meaningful journeys to beautiful countries, explore, learn and give all within a safe group environment. Proceeds from professional-only trips go towards scholarships for exemplary, yet underrepresented students with financial need to study abroad. 

In addition to the services above, we also arrange boutique tours for those who would like to travel in a small, more personal group. Finally, we consult those who would like to travel with a group and also venture off on their own. We look forward to arranging your next travel experience of a lifetime!